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Western Puerto Rico Tour

Posted: 1457 days ago

Debbie provided an all day tour (from San Juan) which included a tour of San Sebastian (her home town).

As always with tours that Debbie has provided over the years, the tour was full of information about what we were seeing. Debbie knows interesting places to go which are "off the beaten track" - being from San Sebastian herself, we went places that are known by locals and learned of the rich history of the area which she's put together..

The stop at the graveyard with graves going back to the 16th century was a great example. Debbie is working on the history for a city wide celebration upcoming.

We stopped at the beach in the heart of the area where Christopher Columbus landed in 1493 on his 2nd exploration of the Caribbean.

We heartily recommend Tour Guide Debbie for any of your touring needs in Puerto Rico - if she doesn't offer a tour where you want to go, it's a pretty good shot that she will know who does and who does it best!

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Reply from www.tourguidedebbie.com

Posted: 1451 days ago

Hello Stu!

Thank you for once again for allowing me to be tour guide. I very much appreciate you accepted my idea to take the steps beyond San Juan city limits toward Western Puerto Rico. I emailed the 30 plus pictures to your wife. You review will help travelers make an educated decision about hiring my tour guide services.

Thank you for keeping in touch thru facebook.

Your friend in Puerto Rico,

Tour Guide Debbie