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A great experience!

Posted: 1632 days ago

Instead of having to walk around in the blistering sun trying to keep up with a tour guide, try taking a walk with debbie. You get an enthusiastic guide thru old San Juan as the night lights come on. Not only does she know all the best spots to take pictures and all great angles, but you get the most passionate story telling you probably cant get anywhere else.

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Reply from www.tourguidedebbie.com

Posted: 1632 days ago

Hello Wendy & Preston:

Thank you very much for the 5 stars and recommending travelers to take a night walking tour versus under a blistering sun. Happy to read you liked the pictures I took of you during the Night Tales in Old San Juan tour. You have stories to tell when sharing your pictures. Please return to Puerto Rico and explore other historical locations.

Tour Guide Debbie